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Philip Barrett

A consummate musician. A multi-awarded, platinum record producer. A former Mensa Businessman of the Year. A respected expert in the field of entertainment and contemporary multi-media marketing.

Alongside his entertainment marketing consultancy, Phil is currently serving in London on Council with The Agents' Association (Great Britain) and is a Trustee/Director of two charitable organisations: The Association of Dance and Performing Arts and The Heroes Project.

Business Comment

The enterainment business is not failing or floundering - it is in flux as it always has been. By changing the way that YOU operate to reflect current trends and methods in buying, selling and marketing - whether you are a venue, an agent or an artiste - you can realise new income streams and enjoy GROWTH in what we are told is a recession...
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Philip still performs with his band 'Real Class', as a solo artiste 'Doktor Phil' who sometimes performs with his band 'The Medicine Men'.